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There are two ways of searching the bibliography. A title search finds particular texts written by Norberto Bobbio. The 'major debates' search option yields texts which were published in the context of several debates in which Bobbio actively participated.

An individual title search can be conducted by Title , Year published , Language , Co-author , Genre , Periodical , Subject.

The search can be narrowed by entering one or more keywords; however, at least one keyword must be entered.

To scroll through the entire bibliography, the starting date (1934) should be entered under Year Published in the field on the left, and the final date of interest in the field on the right.

Searches are conducted on the entire bibliography unless the Search available texts only option has been selected, in which case the search is limited to material contained in the library collection.

Titles are listed chronologically by leaving the default command by date selected. Otherwise they can be called up alphabetically by selecting the by title option before starting the search.

Once all of the relevant search options have been selected, click on the Search button's labyrinth icon.

The next screen shows the search results. These will be either the requested title and a brief summary (title, year of publication and genre) or the chronological or alphabetical list of titles satisfying the search criteria. To view the detailed description of a title, click on the button to its left.

The detailed description page of a title lists all the information necessary for bibliographic entries and citations, including the title and subtitle, editor, year published, place published, number of pages, language and genre. Further information about the text can be viewed by clicking on the three labyrinth icons at the bottom of the page. The first button, labelled Concepts, leads to a page of information about the conceptual structure of a text (subject), such as the main issues dealt with and/or the main fields of inquiry of the work. The second, Other Versions, brings up a list of events in the editorial history of a text , including its appearance in or as part of other editions and/or in translation. The Availability button opens a page indicating whether the volume is contained in the library collection, and lists commands for reading available texts on-line or requesting that they be sent via e-mail.

The Discussion button appears whenever a work by Bobbio provoked a response. Clicking on the button calls up a map (divided into five sections representing reviews, records, responses and speeches, miscellaneous and debate). By clicking one of the areas of the map you can access the database of works about Norberto Bobbio dealing with the particular work by Bobbio being examined.

The Debate button appears if a text was produced in the context of one of the major debates led by Norberto Bobbio, and clicking on it opens a detailed list of exchanges between Bobbio and his interlocutors on the topic.

Clicking on the Major debates button on the first page of the search form allows you to scroll through and select from a complete list of the various topics of debate.

To begin a new search, click on the New Search button. When using the Back command to return to the first search page, make sure the options selected for the previous search have been cancelled by selecting the Reset command.

You may wish to use the print command within your browser to print out pages of interest.

Photocopies of documents requested via e-mail will be sent air mail or express courier. Users will receive an e-mail informing them of the exact shipping cost. Payment can be made by postal order N 23858103 or international money order made out to Centro Gobetti.