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Norberto Bobbio donated his personal research library, consisting of approximately 30,000 titles including 17,000 books, 8,000 pamphlets and numerous journals, to the Centro studi Piero Gobetti in Turin. The entire collection has been catalogued and is housed at the "Centro", and serves as a precious resource for the study of contemporary philosphical, juridical and political culture, as well as a means of gaining familiarity with the scholarly interests and working method of Bobbio.

As part of the library project, the "Centro Studi Piero Gobetti" has also acquired and catalogued the complete works of Bobbio, creating a comprehensive resource for study of all aspects of Bobbio's thought. This collection consists in about 5,000 titles in nineteen languages, including books, papers, lessons, articles, reviews and interviews. The bibliography of Bobbio's works is already available for consultation on our web site and can be searched by numerous categories such as subject, genre, langugae, source, location and date.  Texts which are available in the library collection can either be read on-line or requested via e-mail. The project covers his works published between 1929 and 2005.

Another project currently underway is the creation of a complete bibliography of works about Bobbio. This bibliography will also be available for consultation on-line, as soon as it has been completed.