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Many people were involved in the creation of this website. Valentina Pazé was assisted by Laura Contini, Franca Ranghino, Piera Tachis and Manuela Contini in compiling the Italian and international bibliographic material, cataloguing the texts and creating the databases. Gianluigi Braggio helped design the graphics and layout of the web pages and Ivan Enrici assisted in their creation. Laura Mazzariol scanned the images that appear throughout the site.

The web site itself was developed by the Turin-based company Centro Servizi who also provided "Erasmo Enterprise", the software program used in creating the bibliographic database.

Bruno Maiorca's Bibliografia degli Scritti di Norberto Bobbio (1935 - 1983) has been a valuable source of information in researching and cataloguing relevant texts published before 1988. This bibliography appeared in its original version as an appendix to Carlo Violi's Bibliografia degli Scritti di Norberto Bobbio (1934 - 1983), Laterza, Roma-Bari, 1995, and in an updated version covering the years 1984-1988 published in the 1990 edition of the same book. It has proven of inestimable help in the inquiry of the extensive literature related to Bobbio's intellectual output.

The entire project was carried out under the guidance of a committee that was nominated by the board of directors of the "Centro Studi Piero Gobetti" and whose members are Michelangelo Bovero, Laura Contini, Pietro Polito and Marco Revelli.